Gunner Brammer – Sunday 11:30 – 2:00 pm

Bucktail Predator Flies

We’ll start off with some foundation technique such material handling, selection, nuance, and application (standard, bulkhead, hollow tie). As the class progresses we’ll end with a Extended Body Mini BEAST Fly that will incorporate all the above techniques. The technique base will cover flies ranging from 4″ Deceivers up to 14″ Offshore BEAST Flies and is applicable for all Saltwater/Big Species alike.

Anyone who signs up will need a heavy thread – 210 Flymaster Plus, 210 Flat wax, 150 gps, or Mono, and Bucktail – that’s about it. I’ll have a large assortment of Bucktail for everyone along with some Flashabou, Hackles, Hooks, and plenty of Spare thread for big game flies.

Gunnar Brammer

Fly tier

Gunnar Brammer has been tying professionally since 2015 and specializes in predator fly design along with fly tying demonstration. Brammer is a St. Croix Rods Pro, HMH Vises Pro, HedronInc Tying Team Member, Deer Creek Pro, FlymenFishingCo Ambassador, and a Friend of Ahrex Hooks. He was recently featured in Fly Tyer Magazine – “The Creative Streamers of Gunnar Brammer” and is a frequent guest writer for the Flymen Blog. Gunnar continues to buff out his YouTube channel with meticulous step by step fly tying instructions and fly fishing related content geared towards the diehard Streamer Junkie! Gunnar currently resides in Duluth, MN.