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Tim Cammisa

TODAY’S Hottest Flies!
You know the flies we’re talking about, those that ALWAYS seem to be catching fish! During this beginner to intermediate tying class, Tim Cammisa shares tying tips and techniques for some of today’s hottest patterns, including dry flies, Euro nymphs, and streamers. Time will be dedicated to investigate various situations and methods to successfully fish these patterns, including dry fly techniques and leader setups for European nymphing. Required tools: Vise, (dark, light and fluorescent), basic tying tools (optional – dubbing twister). All materials and hooks will be provided.

Landon Mayer

Guide Flies: Quick
-Step Ties that Catch Fish.
Come attend Landon Mayer’s Fly Tying class: “Guide Flies: Quick
-Step Ties that Catch Fish.” Landon will walk you through the why, where, when, rigging, and how to fish a variety of his proven fly creations like the Radiant Mini Jig Leech, Mayers Mini Leech, Tails Up Trico, Titan Tube Midge, and many more. This class fills up fast so don’t miss out.

Devin Olsen

This class will teach you how to tie several styles of my favorite nymphs. We will tie the Blowtorch, Quilldigon, pheasant tail, Walt’s Worm and more if we have time. I will demonstrate each pattern and then help students tie them and answer questions about issues with specific steps. These flies are simple in general but a basic level of fly tying ability is needed as this class is not a “beginner” class.

Tim Flagler

Join Tim in tying a selection of flies that have proved themselves effective during the transition from fall fly fishing to winter. Tim Flagler is a well-known tying fly instructor. His YouTube fly tying videos are some of the best in the business and his You Tube channel, practicalpatterns.com currently has over 97,000 subscribers. His videos appear weekly on the Orvis Fly Fishing News Blog and MidCurrent. He also has a regular column “Beginner’s Masterclass with Tim Flagler” in Fly Tyer magazine. Don’t miss this opportunity to tie with Tim, you won’t regret it!

Phil Rowley

Stillwater Fly Tying Class
Across North America there are numerous lakes home to large trout and other species. Many of these lakes receive little to no pressure so they are waiting to be explored by fly fishers armed with the correct flies. Join stillwater fly fisher, author and fly designer Phil Rowley as he teaches you how to tie some of his Stillwater Favorites – Proven Patterns that Work from East to West. From chironomids to baitfish as well as attractors you will learn a variety of techniques so you can tie a series of Phil’s stillwater favorites. Patterns that have proven themselves on waters across North America.

Jake Villwock

” The Latest Baitfish Designs for Fresh and Saltwater”
Jake’s class will cover portion control, size, profile, and color schemes to match any baitfish in both fresh and saltwater. Blending both natural and synthetic materials to achieve the desired action of the fly. Tying his signature fly, the roamer, a single hook is used to imitate smaller bait and entice picky fish, to a triple articulated version for those super aggressive fish, and matching larger bait. He will also go over some more traditional patterns with a modern twist.
His smaller roamer will be tied on a short shank saltwater hook, for tarpon, snook, and false Albacore, and his larger one will be tied with 2 hooks and a shank for smallmouth, stripers, and esox. Hooks and materials are provided.

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