A Note From the Director


Haven’t talked to one fly tier that isn’t excited about the Symposium scheduled for November 12 and 13th at our favorite location at the Doubletree Hilton in Somerset, New Jersey. It’s been quite a few years since we were there, even though we had a good symposiums at our other stops, Somerset has always been our home court. And from the early signs of tier and exhibitor registrations this fall, we will be as packed as ever. So mark your calendar; it is one week sooner than normal because that’s the only weekend that was not booked so I took it immediately.

You can expect to see many of your favorite tiers and exhibitors plus many new exciting first timers.

One I know you’ll enjoy is Tom Rosenbauer. He was always committed to a family gathering the usual weekend we had the symposium, just before Thanksgiving, but he’s ready to join us this time a week earlier. And a real first timer all the way from Denmark is the hot hook company Ahrex. It’s the first time for them to exhibit and present their hook line in the USA.

The pandemic, as all of us have experienced, changed our lives in many ways. One of the most unpopular is that everything is more expensive. I have decided in order to book the Doubletree, not increase ticket costs or special classes, pay celebrities as always and present an awesome symposium I have replaced the usual full brochure that priced itself with paper and printing cost, and of course postage fees and I’ve replaced it with a large postcard announcing the main facts. And all the individual schedules including: Seminars, Featured Tier, Authors Booth, list of participating Tiers and Special Classes will be posted on our website internationalflytyingsymposium.com by October 1. This will give you enough time to plan your visit, book your hotel room, and take one of our special classes, enjoy free parking and return to the best weekend you’ve always enjoyed. It will all be on our website for you to review and help share by passing the excitement to friends that may have wondered about the weekend. It’s a great time and we deserve to come back together. Can’t wait to see you in November.

One person I want to mention that has missed being with us, since he started tying at the first symposium over 30 years ago and I think he only missed the last one, just had to come back. You may recognize the fly that I taught him how to tie, the Clouser Minnow, just kidding! Bob is coming up from Florida and is ready to teach us more fly tying tricks. Welcome back Bob.
Watch our website internationalflytyingsymposium.com for the complete schedule and updated news throughout the fall.

See you soon
Chuck Furimsky